6 Tips for Commercial Moving Preparation

office moving

It’s no secret that commercial moving in New York City can be complex and often frustrating. Companies and organizations that fail to adequately prepare for their office move will find themselves overwhelmed and often facing additional setbacks and potentially lost revenue even after their move is complete. Fortunately, keeping a few simple tips in mind when preparing to move your office can make the whole process a lot easier! Here’s a quick look at six of them.

Create a Commercial Moving Checklist

Commercial moving is complex and time-consuming, even for experienced companies. Be sure to always create an office moving checklist as soon as you begin your move preparation. Doing so can help you keep track of tasks and prioritize what needs to be done first.

Change Your Physical and Digital Address

Just before you move, always update your physical address as well as your online addresses on your website and social media profiles. This will help alert your customers and clients to your new address and keep your business operations moving seamlessly.

Announce Your Office Move

Changing your address is important, but announcing your relocation to the public is even more so. Utilize your blog, email newsletters, flyers, mailed postcards, social media and traditional advertising like radio to get the message out before you move!

Create a Commercial Moving Budget

When preparing for an office move, always create a moving budget. This is a great way to keep track of all your moving expenses and gauge the overall financial impact once the relocation is finally complete.

Distribute Tasks to Employees

Enlist the aid of your employees when preparing to move your office. Have them clean out their desks, pack their crates, label crates and help purge the office of unnecessary papers, furniture and equipment and the like. It’s generally a good idea to distribute printed or email task sheets to all employees so they know exactly what to do and when the deadline for it is.

Craft a Floorplan for Your New Office

Last but certainly not least, always create a new floorplan for your office several weeks in advance of the actual move. Creating a floorplan well in advance will help your employees get a good feel for the new location and also offers the opportunity to optimize the new space in a way that best fits your company or organization.