6 Commercial Moving Tips for Small Businesses

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Commercial moving in New York City presents an extra challenge for small businesses. While larger companies have the manpower and resources to move with limited disruption, small businesses are often pressed for time, resources and personnel. This makes commercial moving more complex and time consuming. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, your small business can relocate in New York City very efficiently and seamlessly. Here are just a few things to keep in mind for a successful move.

Plan Ahead of Time

Commercial moving requires a lot of planning and thought, even for small businesses. Begin planning your move about six months in advance at the latest. It’s important to map out your new floorplan, decide what will and what won’t be moving to your new location, update your physical and digital addresses and the like.

Purge Before You Move

Be sure to purge your current office of anything that you won’t be bringing with you. Always donate, sell or trash anything that you don’t need at your new location. Doing so will help your move become quicker, more economical and much more streamlined overall.

Get the Word Out

Always let your clients and customers know about your move at least two months before it actually occurs. This will help to minimize disruption once your move is finally over. Getting the word out can be accomplished in several ways, including email newsletters, flyers, mailed postcards, social media, press releases and the like.

Change Your Digital Profiles and Website Address

In addition to updating your physical address, don’t forget to update your digital addresses as well. Always update your website’s contact information and new business location as well as any social media profiles.

Make a Checklist and Timeframe

To ensure a seamless and efficient move, always create a commercial moving checklist beforehand of what needs to get done before, during and after your move. It’s also good idea to map out a general timeframe of what tasks need to be finished by specific dates.

Move Over Nights and Weekends

Finally, be sure to conduct your business relocation over the nights and weekends. Doing so will minimize disruption to your company and make it easier to get everything up to speed once the relocation is finally complete.