When Should You Look for a New Office?

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So, your company has been comfortable in its current office space for many years. Still, something feels off. It might just be time to look into commercial moving and relocate to a new office space.

Maybe your current office space is too overcrowded for how fast your company is growing. Maybe you’re paying too much in rent. Or perhaps your current space is outdated or less convenient for your customers or clients than it was just a few years ago.

Whatever the reason is, your company should start looking into commercial relocation services as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the signs that will let you know that it’s time to begin looking for a new office.

 Your Current Office is Too Crowded

One telltale sign for when to start looking for a new office and book a commercial moving company is when your current office is simply too small and crowded for your current and future needs. This is a common issue for fast-growing startups and younger companies in New York City. It’s also an issue for retail stores who would probably be better suited in a larger space that offers more floor space and increased storage area. If you’re planning on rapid growth and hiring many new employees in the next few years, it’s probably time to put the feelers out for a new office!

You’re Paying Too Much

It’s no secret that New York City is an expensive place to do business. If you feel your current and projected revenue doesn’t justify renewing your current space, then it’s very likely time to consider commercial moving. Companies who are also struggling and looking to downsize should probably consider relocating to a smaller, less expensive office location as well.

Your Current Space is Outdated and Inefficient

The average office building age in Manhattan is over 60 years old. Clearly, much of the city’s commercial building stock was designed long before the needs of contemporary companies, such as high-speed Internet access, came into play. Companies seeking cutting-edge technology and modern amenities should seriously consider commercial moving to a more modern location. Many companies, particularly tech firms and creative and advertising agencies, are also better suited for offices with open floor plans and top-notch Internet access these days, meaning it makes sense for them to relocate into more suitable locations.

A New Location Would Better Serve Your Clients or Customers

Maybe you’re a retail business who’s suffered a loss of foot traffic due to changes in your current neighborhood. Maybe your clients primarily live in the suburbs and find it inconvenient to get to your current location. For these reasons and more, it’s probably time to consider commercial moving and start looking for a more convenient and sensible office location. Relocating to a superior location can help improve sales, attract and retain talent and make your business more attractive to prospective clients and customers in the long-term.