Why SoHo is Right for Your Business


While Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Manhattan are unquestionably the two largest and most influential central business districts in New York City, they’re not necessarily attractive for every type of business out there. Indeed, many startups, creative services firms and tech companies are looking for somewhere that’s trendier and edgier, more conducive to their ethos. One […]

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Why Your Business Should Relocate to: SoHo

soho nyc

Known for its cast-iron architecture, bustling streets and upscale, trendy vibe, SoHo is one of New York City’s best-known and most unique neighborhoods. A draw for New Yorkers and visitors alike, it’s cosmopolitan flair and distinct character make it one of the city’s most recognizable neighborhoods. Though a residential community, SoHo is best-known as a […]

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Neighborhood Profile: SoHo

soho new york city

With its striking cast-iron architecture and trendy atmosphere, SoHo is undoubtedly one of New York City’s hippest and hottest neighborhoods. It’s also become an increasingly popular business location for advertising, tech and creative firms in recent years. Though not an optimal choice for every business, SoHo is an excellent choice for certain niche sectors… if […]

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