Why Your Business Should Relocate to: SoHo

soho nyc

Known for its cast-iron architecture, bustling streets and upscale, trendy vibe, SoHo is one of New York City’s best-known and most unique neighborhoods. A draw for New Yorkers and visitors alike, it’s cosmopolitan flair and distinct character make it one of the city’s most recognizable neighborhoods.

Though a residential community, SoHo is best-known as a center for retail and commerce first and foremost. A plethora of high-end retail stores and boutiques line its packed sidewalks while many advertising agencies, media firms, tech startups and creative services companies call it home as well. It’s also a prime destination for upscale retailers in the city as well. It’s easy to see why too, given its many advantages! Here’s a quick look at why your business should consider relocating to SoHo.

Convenient Location and Excellent Transportation Options

The neighborhood enjoys a convenient location that’s easy to reach from Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. It’s also just a short subway ride from Midtown Manhattan too. The A, C, E, N, Q, R, W, 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 trains as well as several bus stops make the neighborhood very accessible from just about anywhere else in the city while major transit hubs like Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub are fairly convenient as well. For retailers, the neighborhood is a prime destination thanks to its density, heavy foot traffic and convenient location in Manhattan.

Flexible Office Space

The community boasts a wealth of 19th century cast-iron lofts and warehouses with open floor plans, high ceilings and flexible spaces. This makes it ideal for marketing firms, tech and media companies and creative startups that gravitate towards these types of office spaces for their flexibility and ability to accommodate growing companies.

Creative Vibe

Not every company wants to be in suited-up Midtown or the Financial District these days. In fact, many seek out cool, edgy neighborhoods to reflect their own business goals and accommodate younger workforces. SoHo is known for its creative, trendy vibe that’s drawn many creative-minded companies like tech firms and digital marketing agencies over the years. For startups and younger firms looking for a neighborhood with a hip edge to it, this is definitely the place to be!