Post-Move Services: What Eagle Transfer Can Do for Your Business

office move

So, you’re all moved in and your commercial moving project in New York City is finally complete. That’s great! But what about what happens after the commercial moving process is over? What if your company needs additional support and assistance, such as help unpacking, moving furniture or technology disposal at your old office location?

Many office movers in the New York City area will simply move on from their clients after the commercial moving process is complete. But Eagle Transfer does things differently. We’re fully committed to making your office relocation a success over the long-term through a wide variety of post-move services for our clients. Here’s a quick look at what we have to offer our clients.

Onsite Post-Move Support and Help Desk Services

Eagle Transfer is available as needed to offer help desk and post-move support services for any relocation. Our professional office movers are available onsite to assist your employees as needed with helping them unpack, move furniture, find specific items and become acclimated into their new office space. For example, when we relocated The Learning Tree, we prepared “welcome kits” to help employees become more familiar with their new downtown location.

Furniture Liquidation

As New York City’s premier office movers, we also provide professional furniture liquidation services for clients. Furniture liquidation with Eagle Transfer is a great way to save time, money and manpower. We can offer assistance in finding reputable charitable organizations to donate your unneeded office furniture, which may provide your organization or business with a charitable tax deduction. If items are in poor condition, we can have them removed and disposed of in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

Technology Disposition

Finally, Eagle Transfer will gladly work with your company, organization or institution when it comes to disposing of unneeded technology in a secure and environmentally-friendly fashion. We can also provide you with a certificate testifying that we have met all applicable local, state and federal regulations in doing so. For example, we helped dispose of 200 monitors and CPUs for CBS during one of their relocations. Overall, our technology disposition services can help save your business, institution or organization valuable office space and money in an economical and efficient manner.