Packing Up & Shipping Out

Since 1974, Eagle Transfer has relocated hundreds of corporations, equating to hundreds of thousands of cubicles and offices. Trust us, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen: Messy desks with half-eaten doughnuts, file cabinets too full to close and that one executive who had about 10 pairs of shoes beneath her desk! But the important part is, we know how to carefully and efficiently execute office relocation – large or small – so there’s less hassle for your employees, and less disruption to your business.

1. Clean before you pack. Why move files or broken desk chairs that you no longer need? Weeks before move day, start a campaign to clean and discard anything that doesn’t need to be moved. Old brochures from 1982, monitors that no longer work, and paperwork that’s now obsolete. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to donate furniture or items that you no longer use. It could result in a tax write-off for your business! Ask us for details about donations and office liquidation.

2. Packing and labeling. Did you know you can even leave the packing to us? Eagle Transfer packs up desks and offices and labels the boxes carefully so they make it to their final destination and can be easily unloaded and placed. Desk drawers are emptied and the contents are packed in a box. If your team uses laptops, ask them to bring them home the day of the move – one less thing for us to move, and they can work without interruption at home the day of the move!

3. Dismantling desks and cubicles. Our team of professionals knows exactly how much to break down those cubicle walls in order to move them efficiently, to fit them in the trucks, and to reassemble them FAST. We number all of the pieces and keep all of the hardware together safely so reassembly is a breeze.

4. Caring for tech equipment. Computers, monitors and peripherals are the heartbeat of your business, and likely the most expensive items to replace. Our technology relocation experts wrap everything in static-free materials, blankets and bubble wrap – and take extra precautions with monitors and hard drives. We keep all cables, cords, adapters and mice together so that nothing’s missing after the move. Important tip: Your IT department should backup all computers prior to move day.

5. Customized crates. If you have specialized equipment – printers, scanners, laminators – or any equipment that’s critical to your business, we can build custom crates for the move. We’ll take the dimensions and construct sturdy, protective crates that will ensure your equipment arrives at the final destination safely.

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