Office Moving Project Management: Why Eagle Transfer Soars Above the Competition

office moving project management

New York City office moving requires a distinct mix of experience, professionalism and integrity that only Eagle Transfer can offer. Since 1974, we’ve been New York City’s office movers of choice and have relocated everything from Fortune 500 companies to retail outlets to NGOs and nonprofit organizations.

At the crux of it all is sound, experienced Project Management. Indeed, Eagle Transfer’s office moving Project Management team offers more than 250 years of combined experience and an unmatched knowledge of the intricacies of office moving in a place as complex and busy as New York City.

Our vast experience and seasoned knowledge of the New York City property market aren’t all that we have to offer our clients. In addition to all of that, we also set ourselves apart from our competitors in a number of ways.

Pre-Move Coordination Meetings

For years, Eagle Transfer has utilized pre-move coordination meetings in order to build relationships and more directly address questions from our clients. This way, we attain a better “on the ground” view of the move and are able to better coordinate with clients to address any issues that arise efficiently and timely.

Corporate Management Team as Supervisors

We also use our corporate management team as Project Management supervisors, something that allows us to offer onsite supervision and oversight for safety, efficiency and professionalism at all times during the move itself.

White-Collar Supervision and Management

Our white-collar Project Managers also differentiate us from our competitors, offering a new layer of management supervision to help ensure that any move, no matter how large or small, goes safely, seamlessly and efficiently. Our team’s deep experience also allows us to address any questions that arise during the move quickly and successfully.

Our Project Management team will gladly assist clients every step of the way when it comes to commercial moving in New York City and can answer questions about key issues such as logistics, reducing business downtime during a relocation, efficiency and much more. New York City commercial moving for companies of all sectors and sizes can be complex. That’s exactly why our experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers have been trusted by the city’s business owners and facilities managers since 1974!