Office Moving Budgets: 8 Items to Take into Account

Corporate Office

It’s no secret that office moving in a place like New York City can be expensive! To manage your office moving project, keep track of expenses and gauge its impact on your company’s bottom line, it’s always a good idea to draw up an office moving budget first. But just what exactly should be on a typical moving budget? Read on to find out!

Office Movers

 It goes without saying, but always remember to take the cost of your professional office movers into account! Remember to always factor in whether you’ll be using any optional services from them as well, such as post-move services after your main move is complete.

New Office Costs

When drawing up your budget, include not only your new lease itself but also any insurance, legal fees, new furniture, security deposit and the like. It’ll give you a much better view of how your new office will impact both your relocation budget and your bottom line at the end of the year!


Always take an inventory before moving and factor it into your budget. This will not only help your company plan better financially, but will also help you keep track of all assets that are relocating to your new office.

Employee Hours

Factoring in employee hours is critical as well. Be sure to calculate how many extra hours, if any, employees are putting in to help out with your office relocation project.

Market and Advertising

Overlooked but very important! When creating a commercial moving budget, take into account the cost of updating your business cards, letterhead, website, social media accounts and the like as well as any costs associated with informing your customers, clients and vendors of your new location, address and contact information.

Extra Charges

Will your company require things like holiday moving costs and additional services from your office movers? Be sure to take these into account too!

Unanticipated Expenses

Unforeseen costs can impact your office relocation budget. Be sure to plan for these as well!

Existing Office Repairs 

Finally, when drawing up an office moving budget for your business, organization or institution, be sure to take into account repairs to your existing office and their impact on both your moving budget and bottom line. Check with your landlord to find out if any repairs are your responsibility or theirs. It’s something that’s often overlooked but can have a major budgetary impact for any company!

Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay