Office Moving: A Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Started

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Commercial moving in New York City can be tough work – especially so for companies with limited moving experience. Between finding professional office movers, drawing up timelines, finding new office space and everything else in between, it’s no wonder why many businesses dread commercial moving projects! Fortunately, by taking things step by step, you’ll find that commercial moving project will go much smoother and more efficiently than expected. This step-by-step guide offers an office moving primer to help you get started!

Create a Moving Timeline

The first step to any commercial moving project is to create a moving timeline. Creating an intuitive moving timeline can help you keep track of what needs to be done and what to prioritize. Generally, businesses should start planning at least six months before their anticipated move, although larger companies should begin planning about two years in advance.

Find a New Location

Scout out new locations that might be suitable for your business and lock one down. Keep in mind critical factors such as accessibility to transportation, workforce size, anticipated growth, your company’s revenue and any special requirements. Draw up new floorplans well in advance too to help optimize your space at your new location.

Hire Office Movers

Next, hire professional office movers to get that hard work done for you. Hiring office movers can help ensure that the toughest parts of any office relocation project are left to the professionals, giving you a peace of mind and time to focus on drawing up an office relocation plan and running your business as usual.

Make an Office Relocation Plan and Budget

Always make an office moving budget to track expenses and keep an eye on your company’s bottom line. In addition, be sure to also create an overall office relocation plan to assign specific tasks to employees, let your workforce known when key deadlines are and determine what to do with your existing inventory.

Form a Moving Team

Form a commercial moving team to help your office relocation go more smoothly. Smaller offices may need only two or three people, although larger companies should probably assign the heads of each department and several veteran employees to the moving team to help ensure everything goes seamlessly. Have the moving team draw up plans for the move in each respective department, delegate tasks, assign special projects to employees and ensure that vital deadlines are met in a timely manner.

Purge Your Office

Before moving, always conduct an office purge to dispose of unnecessary files, office supplies and the like. It’s a great way to save time and money, not to mention space at your new office location!

Contact Your Vendors, Clients and Customers

Be sure to always contact your vendors and utility companies before relocating to inform them of your move. Additionally, always contact your customers and clients several weeks in advance to clearly inform them of your new location, contact information and how to get there. Customers can be notified by many means, including email newsletters, flyers, social media, blog posts, website updates, radio and TV ads, in-store signage and the like.

Update Your Physical and Digital Addresses

Finally, when getting ready for a commercial moving project, always update your physical address with the post office as well as your digital address. Remember to update your website, blog and social media profiles to reflect your new location several days before the relocation actually occurs!