Neighborhood Profile: DUMBO

dumbo nyc

One of Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods, DUMBO is now a hotbed for tech, media, retail, art galleries and creative services companies in New York City. Once an industrial enclave situated on the Brooklyn waterfront, the neighborhood now boasts one of the highest concentrations of technology and new media companies in the city. As with many other Brooklyn neighborhoods, DUMBO has undergone rapid changes in recent years.


DUMBO, short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is located on the Brooklyn waterfront facing Lower Manhattan and sandwiched between Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn. Originally a ferry landing in the early 1800s, it saw rapid industrialization in the 19th and early 20th centuries before falling into decline after World War II. In recent years, the neighborhood has undergone a resurgence and now boasts top-notch restaurants, trendy art galleries and a large concentration of tech startups, media firms and creative services companies. Transportation options include the A, C and F subway lines, numerous bus stops and the East River Ferry.


The neighborhood offers a wealth of industrial buildings with open floorplans and high ceilings, making it an ideal location for tech and media companies. It also enjoys direct access to the scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offers plenty of space to relax, enjoy some leisure time and take in the views of the Lower Manhattan skyline. In addition to all of this, the neighborhood is also packed with great shops and restaurants and also offers close proximity to Downtown Brooklyn’s abundant transportation options, including the Long Island Rail Road. It’s trendy, youthful vibe is also a big draw for creative-minded firms looking for something laid-back and Millennial-friendly.


Transportation options are limited to just a few subway and bus stops and the East River Ferry, making it difficult to reach from some places in the city and especially from the suburbs. The neighborhood also lacks modern office space, making it a poor choice for financial firms and other types of companies that need large floorplates with cutting-edge amenities.


Despite its limited transit options and relative lack of modern office space, DUMBO is still a great place to do business. It’s direct access to Brooklyn Bridge Park, creative vibe and rich collection of older industrial buildings make it ideal for tech, media and creative services companies looking for a unique neighborhood in New York City.