How to Deal with Unneeded Office Content


Office moving in and around New York City can be very complex. There are checklists to draw up, floorplans to create and new office space to scout out. One factor that can especially complicate an office move is what to do with unneeded office items such as cubicles, furniture and the like. Fortunately, there are a number of options to explore, from commercial storage services to charitable donations and much more! Here are just a few options on how to deal with unneeded office content as you prepare for your New York City office move.


Commercial storage is an affordable and flexible option for dealing with unnecessary office items you don’t plan on bringing to new your office location. Commercial storage allows you to store your unneeded office content at economical prices and access it later for various purposes, whether you plan to relocate it to your new office, donate it or sell it to another company, institution or organization.

Here at Eagle Transfer, we offer a 200,000 square-foot warehouse conveniently located in Long Island City just a few minutes from Manhattan. We offer 24/7 security, climate-controlled storage facilities and a professional, dedicated onsite staff ready to assist you with all of your commercial storage needs in a timely manner. For more information, give us a call at (718)663-0400 or send us an email at!


Office liquidation is another great option when it comes to dealing with unnecessary office items. It’s an economical and efficient way to dispose of unneeded office items quickly, seamlessly and professionally. When you vacate your office space, office liquidators will enter to de-install and ultimately dispose of the unneeded content left behind. The office space is then cleaned and left in “broom-swept” condition, leaving it in pristine condition for the new tenant to enter.

Professional office liquidation is an excellent way to save money and the hassle of disposing of the unneeded content yourself. It’s also one of the range of services that Eagle Transfer offers, too!


Donating unnecessary office content is another option as well. In some cases, you may also qualify for a tax deduction as well! Various goodwill organizations will usually accept your unneeded office content, offering an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to rid yourself of it in a way that helps others.


Selling unwanted office equipment and items is yet another option to consider. From business to business sales to flea markets to online marketplaces, there are plenty of options available! It’s a great way to not only get rid of unwanted office content quickly, but earn some extra cash in the process.