Downsizing Before You Move

office downsizing

New York City office moving can be a complicated endeavor. This is especially true when you’re trying to relocate to a smaller, more efficient office but aren’t sure what to bring with you to your new location. That’s why downsizing before your office moving actually begins is a great idea. It can help to free up space to make your office relocation more efficient and ensure your new office isn’t overflowing with unneeded furniture, cubicles and other office content. Here are just a few quick tips on downsizing before you move your office!

Conduct an Office Purge Before Moving

This is a great office moving idea in general, but is especially helpful for companies looking to downsize. Conduct a pre-move purge before relocating to get rid of any unnecessary files, furniture, cubicles and the like. They can be disposed of, donated, sold or put into storage as a way to free up space and make your relocation leaner and easier overall. When it comes to downsizing, you can’t go wrong with purging your office!

Take an Inventory

Before moving, always take an inventory of key office content. This will make purging your office much easier and help your new office space be more organized, efficient and less cluttered.

Utilize Office Storage

Want to make your workplace less cluttered and more efficient but aren’t quite sure yet what to do with the unneeded content? Office storage is an excellent way to store away what’s not needed in your new office until you develop a long-term plan for it. Office storage is flexible for both the short and long-term and also offers an affordable and secure way to stow away any valuables and artwork in your office as well.

Enlist Your Employees

Enlisting your employees is critical in ensuring that your downsizing plans get underway without a hitch. As soon as you make the call to downsize before the office moving process begins, inform your employees and ask them to dispose of any unneeded paperwork and items from their workstations. They can also be asked to help with a larger office-wide purge and taking a detailed inventory if needed.

Switch to Cloud Computing and Electronic Storage

Have a lot of old files and overstuffed manila folders clogging up your current office? Take the opportunity to use cloud computing and digital storage to free up physical space in your new office and keep important documents better organized. Google Drive and Dropbox are just two options to consider for this.

Think Vertical for Physical Storage

If you still need physical storage space, try using bookcases and vertical filing cabinet instead of rows of filing drawers. This is a simple yet effective way to save a lot of office space!