A Closer Look at Eagle Transfer’s Diverse Array of Services

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For more than 40 years now, Eagle Transfer has been New York City’s commercial moving experts of choice. We’ve moved millions of square feet all across the New York metropolitan area, helping everyone from Fortune 500 companies to colleges to hospitals relocate seamlessly and efficiently. In addition to our premier commercial moving services, we also offer a wide array of other services useful for New York City business, organizations and institutions, including office liquidation and commercial storage. Here’s a quick look at our diverse array of available services and what we can do for you!

Commercial Moving

Since 1974, Eagle Transfer has been New York City’s top commercial moving company thanks to our deep experience, professionalism and reliability. Our team of seasoned relocation experts, headed by our corporate management professionals that serve as onsite supervisors during moves, will guide you through every step of the office moving process. We also employ only security-cleared office movers and protect any location we’re moving from with Koroflex, Masonite and affixed door guards, ensuring that every move is conducted safely and with great care.

Project Management

Our Project Management team offers more than 250 years of combined experience and unparalleled knowledge of the intricacies of office moving in New York City. Anchored by our team of white-collar supervisors, we utilize our corporate management team as onsite supervisors and hold pre-move coordination meetings to ensure that every move is conducted safely, seamlessly and properly.

Office Storage

In addition to office moving, we also offer extensive office storage services as well. Our 200,000 square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse, conveniently located in Long Island City just a few minutes from Manhattan, offers climate-controlled storage, 24/7 security, a customized racking system and a digital photo inventory for easy storage and tracking of all items. For both the short and long-term, our warehouse is the place to store your valuables in the New York City area!

Technology Relocation

We’ve relocated more than one million personal computers since 1974, making us experienced professionals when it comes to this vital part of commercial moving. Knowing the importance technology plays in this day and age, we take no chances by employing custom-built, heavy duty corrugated bins, protective monitor bags and static-free blankets to securely transfer any sensitive equipment. Our experienced Project Management team, state-of-the-art warehouse and fleet of reliable vehicles will help ensure your technology is transported safely and securely to your new location!

Art Storage

Our Art Department works very closely with art dealers, auctioneers, interior designers and other professionals to ensure your valuables are kept safe. In addition, our cutting-edge 200,000 square-foot warehouse offers 24/7 security, fireproofing, advanced climate-control features and a digital inventory system to help safeguard your artwork and other valuables entrusted to us.

Office Liquidation

We also offer professional office liquidation services as well, saving your company time, money and the many risks involved with liquidating your old office yourself. Our professional office liquidators will de-install and dispose of any unneeded office content once you’ve vacated your current office space and leave it in broom-swept condition for the next tenant. This is a great way to fulfill your lease conditions and ensure the process is done professionally and seamlessly.

Post-Move Services

Once the commercial moving process has taken place, Eagle Transfer also offers a variety of useful post-move services available as well. We’re available for onsite support, assisting employees with unpacking items, shifting furniture and even preparing “welcome kits” to acclimate employees to their new building and neighborhood.