5 Factors That Impact Your Relocation Costs

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It’s no secret that commercial moving in New York City can be expensive and complex. Many companies are often caught off-guard by just how much the real cost of an office move can ultimately end up costing them.

That’s why creating a moving budget and taking all moving expenses into account is so important. As you draw up your floorplans, search for professional office movers and settle on what relocation time and date is best for your company, it’s important to craft a budget and take into account all of the factors that will impact your commercial moving costs. Here are just five to keep in mind.

Item Quantity

The amount of office content you’re moving is a key factor when drawing up your commercial moving budget. Indeed, the load size of what you’re relocating is often one of the most critical factors when determining your relocation costs. Be sure to take this into account when drawing up your office moving budget, particularly if you have a lot of common office items such as cubicles, filing cabinets and furniture.

Moving Distance

Moving distance is another key factor to take into account. A quick move a few blocks away is generally less expensive than a major relocation effort that involves moving from one completely different city to another.

Moving Timeline

Businesses under tight deadlines may find themselves facing higher office moving costs. Always be sure to plan ahead to minimize your commercial moving costs, saving your business money in both the short and long-term.

New Office Size

In addition, its critical to factor in the size of your new location when crafting an office moving budget. Companies planning to expand their physical office space will likely face higher costs than companies downsizing into smaller offices. Make a point to consider this factor when budgeting and how it will impact your bottom line in the long run.

Unique Considerations

Finally, don’t overlook any unique considerations when moving. Do any special tasks need to be completed while the move is underway? Do you require any post-relocation services? Will your company need any office storage services during or after your move? These are all critical questions to ask and to ultimately take into account financially as well.