Why Do I Need a Project Manager? 

You don’t go to a dentist to have your taxes done. We’re all good at one thing or another, and this is what an Eagle Transfer Project Manager (PM) does – manages your move so you don’t have to. Our team of seasoned Project Management professionals differentiates us from other commercial movers; with 46 years of professional moving expertise, our PMs have seen it all.

The Quote
After the quote is accepted by the client and the contract is signed, the Project Manager is assigned. They familiarize themselves with the move – how big of a move, to and from where, date and time requested – and get to work on the “behind-the-scenes” details. The Project Manager works with the Account of Executive to be main contacts – answering all questions from the client and orchestrating what’s needed for the move. All communications funnel through them from this point on.

The Prep
The Project Manager’s most critical function prior to the move is tagging. By properly labeling, and marking all items moving, the PM gets a 360-degree view of the project. From there he determines how many movers will be needed. What type of equipment will be needed – spider cranes, refrigerated trucks, replace with number of straight trucks, dollies, number of cartons, shock-resistant packaging for IT equipment, offsite storage. The PM maps the route to ensure that trucks are allowed on all roads (for example, no commercial vehicles are allowed on FDR Drive) pulls permits (when needed) and can even arrange police/traffic detail if necessary. You don’t need to worry about the clearance under the Lincoln Tunnel, that’s our job. (It’s 13’ by the way… plenty of room for even our largest trucks!) Project Managers can also can work with you to determine which files can be stored offsite in order to reduce costs. These same experts can help you with purge and shred assignments to help employees weed out unnecessary files prior to the move. Plus, you may need to remove surplus furniture from your former office space. Your PM can help you liquidate office furniture, or store it cost-effectively so that your vacated space will be fully emptied and ready to turn over. PMs know what time of day is optimal for a cross-town relocation, what size trucks you’ll need – and so much more.

The Team
In addition to assigning the movers on our end, the PM works closely with the Building Operations Managers at both sites to ensure a smooth move. Especially in Manhattan, certain times a day will be preferred to minimize the disruption to other tenants and ensure that elevators are available. We also confirm that our equipment is compliant with the Building Ops rules and guidelines – for example, we moved a business out of the Empire State Building. Because it’s listed on the historic register, extra care was taken to ensure no damage was caused to the marble floors and walls.

The Big Day
Your single point of contact keeps everything running smoothly on the day of the move. Ensuring that all staff have had temperature checks and are wearing masks to keep everyone safe during COVID. Working with the client’s Operations staff to ensure that all items are labeled clearly. Working with IT staff to ensure that the delicate server racks get moved safely, and that the proper environment is set up at the new office space. The PM is like air-traffic control – making smart, safe decisions for your equipment, your furniture and your business.  

After The Move
Unpacking is a major undertaking and may not be the best investment of your staff’s time. Having the help of trained teams can substantially minimize downtime. Additionally, a solid PC disconnect/reconnect strategy can save both time and money during the setup. Proper management of all cables is a crucial component of a seamless relocation. The PM will also work with the movers to ensure that any equipment, files or furniture allocated for off-site storage makes it safely to their destination. We’ll follow up with you after you’ve settled in to get your feedback and ensure that nothing is amiss. Our goal is for your move to go off without a hitch, with minimal disruption to your business. Exceeding our clients’ expectations is what we do best.  

View our Project Management page: https://www.eagletransfer.com/project-management/

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