What is Office Liquidation?

cubesOffice relocations can be very long processes, and once you have moved everything out of your office there is one last step in the process. Although you have removed everything important to you, the work is not done! When companies move out of their office spaces, landlords expect to receive the space “broom-swept.” This means any built in furniture or built in fixtures you installed need to be removed. If the space doesn’t look as pristine as it was when you moved in, you will be hit with fines from your landlord. This is often an daunting process for business owners to do on their own, this is where office liquidations come in!

When hiring Eagle Transfer to complete your office liquidation, all built in furniture and fixtures are carefully removed. Office liquidations typically occurs immediately after a corporate relocation has taken place. Upon the vacating of the office space, professional office liquidators will enter and de-install and dispose of any remaining office content, such as cubicles and furniture. The empty office space is then cleaned and left in “broom swept” condition, as required in most commercial office leases nowadays. The end result is a completely empty office space, ready for a new tenant in the future.