Eagle Transfer completed the new furniture delivery, relocation and liquidation for VaynerMedia.

First, Eagle’s labor completed 8 deliveries of new office furniture. Eagle received, stripped and placed benching, offices and seating into Hudson Yards.

Then, Eagle relocated VaynerMedia’s 400 employees from 315 Park Avenue South into 80,000 square feet at Hudson Yards. Eagle’s familiarity with building personnel, and freight conditions from the furniture delivery, proved to be a great benefit throughout the move process. The move was completed seamlessly and VaynerMedia was back to work Monday without a hiccup.

After the move was completed, Eagle got right to work on the liquidation at 315 Park Avenue South. In just one day, Eagle disassembled, loaded out and broom swept the entire 16th floor the company was previously occupying.

Reference: Skye Cammorata (951)588-3662