Tuesday Tips: Packing for Your Office Move

Moving Boxes

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, we’ll take a quick look at packing for your office moving project. After hiring your office movers, locking down your new location and signing the new office lease, it’s time to finally get packing! However, a disorganized and messy packing job on your part can cause serious headaches for your office moving project down the line. Read on for a few tips on how to pack more effectively and efficiently!

  • Donate, sell or dispose of unneeded office content. Before packing for your office moving project, be sure to donate or sell any unnecessary office content that won’t be moving to your new location to help lighten your load (and save your company time and money!) In addition, be sure to conduct an office purge as well to dispose of anything you don’t need.
  • Pack early! When it comes to packing for a corporate relocation, start several weeks in advance of your planned move date. The more time you give yourself, the less stressful and better organized the move will be!
  • Label your crates or boxes correctly. Write your labels clearly and carefully and place them on top and on the sides of your boxes. To stay organized, you may want to consider creating a number system in which boxes are also labeled by number, which in turn is transcribed on a document noting the contents of the box. This way, its much easier to keep track of what’s going where in your new office!
  • Keep your electronics and digital equipment safe and secure. For just about any business in New York City nowadays, electronic and digital equipment is critical. When it comes to packing them up for your office move, be sure they’re safe and secure! That means using bubble wrap, tape and anti-static blankets when packing. Be sure to properly label everything and also backup your critical data on a cloud computing service like Dropbox or Google Drive just before relocating.
  • Pack cables and cords effectively. Finally, as you begin packing for your office moving project, be sure to wrap up any cords or cables tightly, place them in Ziploc bags and be extra diligent in making sure they go in the correct box. After your packing is done, it’s also a good idea to conduct a thorough sweep of your office to make sure no cords or other electronics have been accidentally left behind.