Tuesday Tips: Office Moving Mistakes to Avoid

office boxes

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

This week, let’s take a quick look at some things not to do when office moving! We all know mistakes happen, but they should always be kept to a minimum when it comes to office moving in New York City. Just one critical mistake can cause serious headaches for your company down the line. To avoid any serious complications for your business, institution or organization, be sure to avoid these critical office moving mistakes when planning your commercial moving project!

  • Forgetting to or improperly labeling your moving crates. Not labelling your crates properly, it goes without saying, is a serious mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Remind your employees to label everything properly and make sure every crate that has contents in it gets a visible label on it. Crates missing labels can create serious issues when it comes time to move into your new office on Monday morning!
  • Not informing your customers, clients and vendors. This is another serious error to avoid. Always update your vendors several days before moving to ensure that any supplies or other office materials are directed to the correct location in a timely manner. In addition, always let your clients and customers know about your move a week or two in advance via email newsletters, social media updates, blog and website updates, flyers, TV and radio ads and the like.
  • Not fulfilling your lease obligations after moving. This can be a potentially serious error that too many companies overlook. Before moving, always read your lease carefully. If it requires that you fully vacate the office and leave it in “broom-swept” condition, it’s probably a good idea to conduct a professional office liquidation before moving, which will leave the job of completely clearing out your old office to professional office movers and liquidators. Leaving behind unneeded furniture and other office content can incur fines and even legal issues from landlords, so don’t take a risk!
  • Not conducting an office purge. Failing to conduct an adequate office purge can leave your company with a lot of unnecessary office materials and files to move, costing you additional time and money. Holding an office-wide purge shortly before moving can help to greatly reduce the amount of unneeded office content relocating, making it a smart financial idea.
  • Failing to obtain a Certificate of Insurance. Finally, a critical office moving mistake to definitely avoid is not obtaining a proper Certificate of Insurance (COI) before moving your office. To avoid any last-minute issues that could severely delay or even derail your planned office move, be sure to obtain any necessary COIs several days in advance of your planned relocation.