Tuesday Tips: 7 Step Checklist for Your Office Relocation

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Below is a 7 step checklist you should go through before your office relocation!

1. Plan Your Move Well In Advance

You should begin planing your office relocation 4-6 months before you actually move. Moving an office is a complex process, but the earlier you start planning the smoother the process will be.

2. Hire Your Moving Company In Advance

Since moving a corporate office involves a lot of equipment and details, be sure to get a full estimate and hire a full-service corporate moving company 1-3 months ahead of time.

3. Give Your IT Team Advanced Notice

Give your IT team three months advance notice to start planning the transfer of all things technical: equipment, internet plans, phone connections, etc. They will need to evaluate the new space for any upgrades that need to be made.

4. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Before you move get rid of old furniture and files. Any furniture you donate can be used as a tax write-off!

5. Update Your Address and Phone Number Everywhere

Updating your company’s address and phone number is an important step that people often forget. Order new business cards and update your address and phone number everywhere it appears on your company’s website.

6. Schedule Client Meeting Appropriately

When your office relocation is completed by Eagle Transfer there is no doubt everything will be in order when you arrive to your new location, however moving offices is a major adjustment. You should wait to schedule meetings in your new space a few days after your move is completed, this way there is enough time to become acclimated to the new space.

7. Order New Office Equipment in Advance

Very often, when moving into a new space you will need new equipment. Make sure to order this equipment in advance so it is there when you begin working in the new space.