Tips to Pack Your Office Like a Pro For Your New York City Commercial Move

Let’s take a quick look at a thing companies seem to dread the most from our 40-year experience as a leading New York City office mover: packing.

While many companies opt to leave it to the professionals, asking Eagle Transfer to tackle the packing, some companies will choose to do it themselves. And it seems to be the one thing that makes the reality of the commercial moving process a real thing.

To make your New York City commercial move goes smooth, be sure to keep these packing tips in mind.

Packing checklist: When it comes to packing for an office move, creating a proper checklist beforehand will ensure the process goes smoothly. This will help you keep track of what needs to be packed and what’s already been packed away for transport.

Packing early: When it comes to commercial moving, time is money. If there’s one thing you need to know about packing, it’s that it takes time and lots of it. Start the packing process as soon as possible. This will make the business moving experience more organized and less stressful.

Pack carefully: It goes without saying, but too many companies always overlook this in the rush to get everything packed up before the moving deadline. Take an extra minute to wrap up a fragile or valuable object extra carefully before moving. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Check and recheck: Make sure to double and triple check the office you’re packing to ensure nothing is being left behind. This means emptying desks completely of writing instruments, paper clips, and other loose items. However, if the desk is moving, taping these items to the inside of a desk drawer will work, too.

Back up your computer: Make a point to always back up your computer before moving to save any critical data it has stored on it. This will help to safeguard against any vital information being lost after the move is complete.

Office technology: Do not pack items such as printers or computers into a crate. Leave the machine on top of the desk or stand and Eagle Transfer will pack these into a corrugated bin. For copiers or printers,machines containing liquid or fluid must be drained. Pro tip: If equipment is leased, check with your vendor prior to moving the equipment.

Don’t forget the cables: When you’re packing your computers you want to ensure that no cables get left behind, lost or damaged. It may seem like an arduous task, but removing one cable at a time and placing them in a large zip-locked bag will be key to making sure everything is taken. You’ll appreciate this system when you’re reassembling your computer!

Purge before packing: Last but certainly not least, always undertake an extensive office purge before packing up for your move. Be sure to send clear instructions to employees on what’s okay to throw out and when the deadline is. Purging before packing is a simple but effective way to save time and money, not to mention minimize packing and unpacking time, too.

Of course, nothing beats the service of a trusted commercial office mover such as Eagle Transfer. Remember, if you don’t want to do the packing yourself, we’ve got you covered!

To have Eagle Transfer help with your upcoming New York City office move, call Niko Krommydas at 212-741-0404 or send an email to nkrommydas@eagletransfer.com