Tips to Downsize Before Your New York City Office Move

For a myriad of reasons, companies about to embark on a commercial move in New York City look to downsize. Done strategically and effectively, companies that downsize can save money, improve collaboration, and boost productivity.

New York City is an expensive place to do business, and leasing large amounts of commercial space, like using paper, is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. This holds true for companies of all sizes and sectors.

Here’s a few quick tips to better downsize and prepare you for a successful New York City office move.

Keep your employees informed. It’s best to alert employees about your upcoming commercial relocation as soon as possible. Enlist your employees’ aid when it comes to office moving. Ask them to take part in an office purge, pack up bins, and strictly adhere to any guidelines requested. When everyone pitches in, you’ll find that your office move will be a lot simpler than you realized. It will also boost productivity and improve collaboration, and what successful business doesn’t want that?

Use office or cloud storage services. When downsizing before an office relocation, utilize office or cloud storage services if at all possible. At Eagle, our unique office storage program includes a online database that clients can manage via their mobile device. Office storage is a great way to cut your moving costs and especially save space at your new location, saving your company money in the long run.

Hold an office purge before moving. When’s the last time you literally cleaned out the office and got rid of all the paper, and the accompanying cabinets, you didn’t need? As your commercial moving project gets closer to starting, it’s advantageous to conduct an office purge beforehand. Office purges involve disposing of unneeded files, supplies, and equipment before moving, making them a great way to save money before your office relocation project even begins.

Embrace telecommuting and mobile connectivity. If you think that you need to have everyone under your watchful eye to get work done, then either you’re hiring the wrong people or you’re not effectively managing. Give people options to work from home or at remote locations and then have a common workspace they can use when in the office. Embracing telecommuting and mobile connectivity will result in utilizing less physical space and saving money.

Optimize your new space with an efficient floor plan. Rather than sprawl out your employees inefficiently, draw up a floor plan. Planning your new office accordingly can maximize efficiency, cuts down on the empty space, and promotes collaboration. In doing this, you might want to also consult an interior designer for professional expertise.

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