For businesses looking for a fresh beginning as the calendar turns to a new year, a commercial move in New York City may be the key.  Over time, office trends change; for businesses that have not updated or moved over the last decade, owners and employees may find space that was once ideal now unworkable.  For owners that are looking to relocate during 2020, our NYC commercial moving company has developed a list of new office trends to consider before signing a new commercial lease.

A Movement toward Open Floor Plans.  For a few years, open floor plans have been the go-to in the residential real estate market.  That trend has now made its way into the commercial space thanks to companies like Google and Facebook.  The idea of eliminating ugly and outdated cubicles for open, shared workspaces is enough to get employees excited; and for owners, there are several benefits.

Cubicles have the effect of eliminating employee’s privacy, yet not enhancing collaboration.  With an open floor plan for shared workspaces, employee relationship-building and therefore collaboration is enhanced.  When employees feel connected to their work and their co-workers, productivity increases.

Greater Focus on Technology. For years, technological innovations have improved productivity within the workplace.  In the past, businesses have seen this play out in many ways – from upgrading from typewriters to computers; to enhanced security through keycard access; to technology focused spaces intended for employees to relax and refocus.  With an emphasis on artificial intelligence as the world progresses into the 2020s, technology is undoubtedly a focus for new office space.

Smart buildings are the next phase of AI that will enhance a workplace.  Smart buildings are supercomputers that use automated processes to control the building’s operations.  A main focus of smart buildings is to ensure those working within it are comfortable and content; this can reduce utility costs, increase productivity, improve operations and guarantee a greater level of sustainability.

Increased Awareness for Buildings that Support Company Culture.  Company culture is often thought of as an ideal that stems from the people within a company, not the space in which those people work.  And while this idea is mostly accurate, the office space can either help or hinder the development of a strong company culture.

Millennials and Gen Z comprise nearly 40% of the workforce.  These young professionals have certain ideals in a company and its office space that previous generations did not possess, stemming mostly from a stronger sense of independence and improved technology.  Interactive workstations that serve as a flexible working environment, as well as common areas for employee engagement, will enhance a business’ culture and overall productivity.

In 2020, we will see a push toward more cohesive, employee-centric and integrated workplaces.  If your business is looking to move to a new office space, it would be wise to consider the office trends that will improve the work environment and employee satisfaction; this will help ensure a productive and lucrative start to the new decade.  Once your business has decided on new, modern office space, contact the trusted commercial moving company in New York City, Eagle Transfer, for a free quote and seamless commercial move.