Storage Facility In The Age of COVID

Real estate in the10001 is known for its exclusivity – and its high price tag. Rents averaging $75/sqft/year aren’t unheard of for commercial properties, and the hottest, sought-after Trophy and class-A office spaces command prices nearing $100/sqft.

And. Now. They’re. Empty.

Major corporations in every sector – financial, health, technology – shelling out millions of dollars on property leases, for empty chairs, vacant conference rooms, offices that haven’t had the light flicked on in almost a year.

So, while employees continue to “stay safe, stay home” during COVID, many Manhattan businesses have given up their leases and opted for long-term storage as a money-saving strategy. Eagle Transfer has all of the service offerings to decommission these “ghost offices” and help you save on commercial leasing.

Our trained professionals come in – following all CDC guidelines, including the use of PPE and social distancing – and break down the entire space. Everything from personal belongings to cubicle walls. We carefully label and pack desks and all their contents, computers, monitors, peripherals and any personal items in the cubes and offices. Plus, we’ll disassemble the lobby, kitchen, lounges, conference rooms and other common areas, as well as storage rooms and closets.

Eagle provides secure, shock-resistant packing of all technology equipment – printers, scanners, computers, monitors, servers and photocopiers. We can even work closely with your IT department to decommission cold server rooms and relocate required servers to a secure location.

Then we transport it all to our storage facility. Our state-of-the-art warehouse space conveniently located just minutes from midtown – provides more than just storage. Of course we offer climate control, 24/7 security, fire prevention and fireproofing, but

best of all, we offer a digital photo inventory system accessible right from your browser or smartphone. Anything you store with Eagle Transfer is completely trackable from your own computer. 

If you’re considering closing your “ghost office” and you’re searching for an effective, proven storage solution, Eagle Transfer can help.