Rearranging 600 Employees

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The last weekend of a month is always a very busy time for commercial moving, and Friday was very representative of that. On Friday night we had 75 movers working across 11 locations around NYC. A portion of those movers were helping Buzzfeed internally relocate their staff of 600 employees. Although the majority of shuffling for this relocation occurs Thursday-Saturday, preparation for the move began much earlier in the week.

Buzzfeed restacked 600 people because they consolidated onto floors 13-16 eliminating the space they held on the 12th floor at 111 East 18th Street. Preparation for the relocation began on Monday when a project manager and movers labeled items moving and hung placards to signify where items needed to be placed. This process occurred Monday through Thursday 8:30-4:30PM.

Monday night beginning at 5PM, Eagle Transfer movers relocated all ancillary furniture to make room for the consolidation. The main restacking of floors 13-16 occurs Thursday night, Friday night and all day on Saturday. The move was a success! All Buzzfeed employees arrived to their new desks seamlessly on Monday morning and post-move wrapped up Monday afternoon.

We enjoyed working with Buzzfeed and are looking forward to the next opportunity to work with their team!