The preparation for a commercial move in New York City can be stressful and it may take a significant amount of time. With all of the moving parts (and items), it is quite common that businesses planning a move will take advantage of commercial storage solutions. Storage allows a business to productively and efficiently exit one office in preparation for a move to another office.

Packing boxes and leaving them around the office not only produces clutter, but also a safety hazard for those in the building. Utilizing storage space for bulky items like furniture, previously packed boxes and items that are not utilized by the business daily is an ideal solution. As a bonus, a top New York City commercial moving company such as Eagle Transfer can provide a business with both moving and storage solutions.

Before making the decision on whether to utilize a storage solution during a corporate move, there are several questions that should be asked of the storage facility.

Does the storage facility have security? Many business assets are valuable outside of the actual monetary value due to the items ability to help a business run and thrive. It is important to guarantee that a company’s items that enter into storage are secure while there. A business owner would need to know what security systems (cameras, a gate, etc.) and personnel are in place; whether the facility is well lit at night; how staff enter and exit the facility; and the facility’s employee screening process.

At Eagle Transfer, we offer 24/7 perimeter security; this will ensure that only those that have a purpose on the property gain access.  We also have state-of-the-art security systems and cameras. In addition, our storage spaces contain fire-prevention systems to prevent natural disaster from destroying the assets.

Is the storage warehouse climate controlled? Temperature is another important consideration for safeguarding a business’ belongings. Climate controlled facilities will keep the temperature constant so that it remains warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. Eagle Transfer offers climate controlled storage spaces that will provide adequate temperatures and safe humidity levels.

How are items and assets stored and inventoried? It is important that all of a business’ items are stored in a manner conducive to the item. It is also important that assets are conveniently and properly inventoried.

This will allow the business to track the items in storage before and during the commercial move and allows the business to be confident that all items are accounted for.

At Eagle Transfer, we offer unique storage solutions for all businesses.  We have developed a customized racking system to ensure optimal utilization of storage space. We also provide a digital and photo inventory so that access is available around the clock.

Storage spaces are sometimes necessary when completing an office move. If your business is in need for commercial moving and storage in New York City, contact Eagle Transfer today.