Proud to Work in the Community – Eagle Transfer in Partnership with Columbia University

Columbia – the prestigious Ivy League university in the center of our city – began renovations on one of their dormitories this past June. As part of their Housing, Sustainability and Construction Business Initiatives and Columbia’s ReUse Program, Columbia wanted to ensure that the furniture being emptied from the dorm rooms wasn’t being dumped into a landfill.

They teamed up with Eagle Transfer to make that happen.

An Eagle team of movers packed and removed 134 pieces of furniture from Broadway Hall and loaded it onto a fleet of trucks. The used, but still useful furniture included couches, chairs and tables used in common areas in the dormitory. Our team then transported the items to NYC Health + Hospitals to be used at their shelters and medical locations throughout New York City. NYC Health + Hospitals supports vulnerable populations including domestic abuse victims and asylum seekers who arrive in the U.S.

This isn’t the first time Columbia donated items to help the community and reduce waste in the landfills. In the past, the University has donated used lockers to a boarding school, and bikes and yoga mats to a community center. Plus, last fall, furniture donations supported Ukraine relief efforts.

Eagle Transfer is proud to be part of this community-building work. We continue to look for sustainable partnership opportunities that benefit underserved people and communities.