Office Moving Tips: Important Documents and Files


One of the most stressful aspects of moving an office can be moving important documents and file cabinets. For some it’s the stress of precious documents misplaced. For others it is the daunting task of organizing the cabinets and determining which documents need to be moved and which documents can be shredded. Luckily, with Eagle Transfer there is no need to worry about packing files or files being misplaced. Our movers are all trained in packing, moving and unpacking file cabinets. With Eagle Transfer, when you arrive in your new office space your files will be organized exactly the way you left them in your old space. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to organize files prior to a commercial relocation!

  • Label and documents clearly. Any commercial moving project that involves relocating critical documents requires clear labeling and an organized relocation process. For best practices when it comes to organizing documents, separate and organize them by year, subject and, if needed, by client. Use separate color-coded files for various subjects such as taxes, invoices, bills and the like. When done, take an inventory of each file to help track them and stay organized.
  • Trash any old documents. Go through your files carefully before moving and shred any old or unneeded documents before the moving process starts. This is always a simple yet very effective way to reduce the number of files relocating to your new office space, saving your company time, money and space at your new location.
  • Hold an office purge before moving. Staying on the topic of trashing old files before starting your commercial moving project in New York City, it’s always a great idea to hold a full office purge a week or two before your move actually begins. Ask your staff to thoroughly go through their own personal files and workstations and dispose of any unnecessary files lying around. This is a time-tested way to save space and money during your office moving project!
  • Put key documents on cloud computing storage. While it’s very important to take care of physical files during an office move, don’t neglect your digital files either! Use cloud computing services like Dropbox or Google Drive to save files and always be sure to back up any critical data on your computers before moving.