No More Pumping Iron In The Gym

What good is an employee gym when the employees all work from home?

For one gym in Hell’s Kitchen, it was time to get out of the lease and liquidate the equipment… and it needed to happen fast. Thankfully, Eagle Transfer had the manpower to get the job done. And that’s exactly what this job needed – power.

The job entailed clearing out an entire gym, located in Hell’s Kitchen. We got the call on Thursday, and they needed to vacate by the weekend – no “ifs, ands or buts.” We quickly put together a hefty team of movers – hefty both in number and made up of experienced movers capable of moving extremely heavy items without hurting themselves.

This 10,000 sq. ft. space was packed with every piece of fitness equipment imaginable. LifeFitness lat pulldowns, leg press machines, chin dips, hip abduction sets, chest press machines. Plus, each one of these pieces of equipment has weight stacks that are about 300 lbs. – plus the weight of the seat, handles and all the bars. Fitness equipment is awkward to move – and heavy. Our team disassembled much of the equipment and loaded it into padded trucks for maximum efficiency and minimal damage.

In addition, there were entire rows of Precor elliptical trainers, treadmills and other cardio fitness machines. Each one of these trainers weighs approximately 300 lbs., and they’re difficult to disassemble. We wrapped each one in padded blankets – taking extra care to protect the LED displays – and loaded them onto hand-trucks and dollies.

Don’t forget about the weight racks. Bench presses, squat stands and racks upon racks of hand-weights. (Thankfully, our trucks are rated for heavy cargo!) Our movers got a good workout in, just moving all of the the plates to the trucks!

Finally, we removed a number of large flat-panel TVs from the walls, carefully wrapping each in anti-static blankets and securing the cords and cables.

Eagle Transfer got the call on Thursday. By Sunday, the gym was empty, broom-swept and ready for the keys to be turned in.

Has your office space been affected by COVID? Do you have a quick-turn assignment? If you have a unique situation like this one, and need a specialized liquidation or corporate relocation, remember Eagle Transfer. After 47 years moving New York, there’s not much we haven’t seen. Call us today.