Milbank New York City Office Move to Hudson Yards

55 Hudson Yards, the new New York office of law firm Milbank. Photo:

You might make moves, but have any of them involved history?

Hudson Yards, the largest mixed-use private real estate venture in American history, is officially open. And it’s bustling! The site itself includes 14-acres of public open space, a $500 million city-sponsored arts center called the Shed, and 17 million square feet of commercial and residential space. We’re proud to have performed several successful office moves into the massive site on Manhattan’s West Side already.

As the leading office mover in New York City, we have a roster of longstanding clients. The largest and latest commercial move into Hudson Yards was for one of them: Milbank.

The big law firm, which recently shortened its name and unveiled a new logo (seen above) relocated its New York office to 55 Hudson Yards after around 150 years in the Financial District, at 28 Liberty Street. It is now occupying 250,000 square feet across nine floors at the new, 51-story office tower on the corner of 33rd Street and 11th Avenue.

Another primary component of our services is office storage, and we provided that for the firm on this recent commercial relocation. A month prior to the move proper, we received various computer technology at our 100,000-square-foot warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey, where we store office furniture and other contents for myriad clients. We stored the firm’s computer technology safely while construction was being completed, and then delivered it to the site when ready to be received.

For the office relocation proper, we packed and unpacked a little under 100 of the firm’s partners. We also packed and unpacked its common areas. In total, we moved 900 employees, including technology and contents, over the course of a week. We also flexed some of our office liquidation muscles, as we packed old computer technology to be discarded.

Lastly, the firm moved into 55 Hudson Yards, but a small portion of employees were actually relocated to a second building not on the new site.

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