Laboratory Relocation Services – There’s A Science To It

Moving a lab is a serious undertaking. When you hire Eagle Transfer Moving Co, you’ll have an efficient, professional partner, providing best-in-class services for your lab move. Fully licensed in lab relocation, our expert teams have moved a number of biotech firms, academic research facilities, government agencies and private research foundations in Manhattan and the surrounding Boroughs, plus a number of pharmaceutical companies in northern New Jersey.  When you hire commercial movers with laboratory relocation expertise, and expertise in regulatory compliance – your staff of scientists can relax and do what they do best – research.

Our services include:

  • Proper, detailed scheduling. This is critical to the laboratory relocation process to minimize laboratory down-time.
  • Coordination and project management of every step of the process, decommissioning, moving, storage and setup, ensuring all samples are kept secure, stable and temperature-controlled.
  • Building custom packaging for high-value, large-scale laboratory equipment (i.e. HPLC and DNA-sequencing machines, mass spectrometers, scanning electron microscopes etc.) Please note that we are movers and not technicians – recalibration of your equipment may be required after the move.
  • Lab Relocations for Eli Lilly, Mount Sinai and John Jay Labs.  
  • Safe packing of all fragile equipment including glassware, stir plates, large-scale shakers, culture chambers, microscopes, incubators, balances/scales. All equipment is carefully packed to minimize loss of calibration.
  • Upright transportation of freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers and refrigerators ensuring minimal disturbance to the freon settles.
  • Secure, shock-resistant packing of all computers, monitors and laboratory peripherals.
  • Breakdown and setup of all furniture, lab stools and lab benches.
  • Secure transport of experimental documentation, files and file cabinets

When you choose Eagle Transfer Moving Company, you’ll have confidence that your medical equipment, machinery, and electronics are moved on time and in perfect condition.

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