Knotel Co-Working Space Office Relocation!


Knotel is the one of the biggest names in the emerging market of co-working spaces. It seems every week a commercial real estate article is written about Knotel acquiring new space somewhere in New York City. This past weekend we had the pleasure of completing an office relocation for Knotel. This commercial move was necessary to prepare the space for two larger companies planning to move into Knotel’s space at 584 Broadway!

To ensure the space was set up properly, we worked over the course of 2 days. The first night we unloaded and delivered 100 two-drawer lateral filing cabinets, 20 large tables and 100 miscellaneous pieces of furniture to be placed in lounge spaces. Work began at 5PM and finished up around 11PM.

The second day of the commercial move, a few Eagle Transfer carpenters and movers took to the space and and installed all the furniture delivered the night before. The last step was to properly place all of the furniture and files in the locations Knotel desired according to their floorplan.

Knotel was an awesome client to work with and we are looking forward to working with them again in the near future!