Kaye Scholer

Recently, Eagle Transfer successfully relocated the entire law firm of Kaye Scholer. Eagle moved 600 employees into 400,000 square feet at 250 West 55th street over 2 weekends.

Eagle began by packing, relocating and unpacking approximately 8,000 linear feet of Kaye Scholer’s Library, Central Records Room and Case Rooms.

The following week, Eagle meticulously packed, moved and unpacked 125 partner offices of Kaye Scholer. In addition, Eagle completed the relocation by moving the technology and contents of the remaining 475 employees.

With intense packing on this particular project, Eagle Transfer’s project management was the catalyst for ensuring a seamless relocation.

Reference: Peter Lorenz (212)836-8823

“I would highly recommend Eagle Transfer for any corporate relocation.”
– Peter Lorenz, Facilities Manager