How to Maintain Health and Safety while Relocating Your Office during the Covid-19 Pandemic

How to Maintain Health and Safety while Relocating Your Office during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In many aspects, daily life – especially in New York City – seems to have come to a crashing halt due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.  Non-essential businesses have closed, the city streets are empty and many people are bound to their home.  At Eagle Transfer, we understand that a commercial move can be stressful enough under normal circumstances; but during a major wide-scale health crisis, the stress may amplify.

We understand that unlike homeowners, many office moves cannot be delayed, whether your business remains open or has been closed due to the virus.  With leases expiring and new tenants moving in, or the need for immediate additional office space, many commercial moves cannot be delayed due to unexpected situations like the virus.  Therefore, if your business has a move planned within the next few months, it is imperative to handle the move as safely as possible.

Here are tips on how to successfully complete an office move during Covid-19, while maintaining health and safety:

Complete a comprehensive analysis of your NYC commercial movers options. Properly vetting a moving company is always important for safety and reliability purposes. Now, more so than ever. Before handing over your office belongings to movers, make sure to ask them a litany of questions to make sure that they are healthy and will handle your belongings in accordance with the CDC guidance. 

Some questions to ask a potential New York City commercial moving company are: Do they wear gloves? Are the team members healthy? Have their trucks and equipment been cleaned and sanitized? Is there a no contact policy in place?

Purchase various cleaners to perform a deep clean of your new office location. Cleaning a new office location is likely something a business owner would do under normal circumstances.  However, it is now more important than ever.  A deep cleaning with products proven to kill germs and bacteria should be completed before items, and more importantly, personnel are moved into the office.  If you need assistance with which cleaners work best, ask your commercial moving company.

Remember to place hand sanitizers throughout your office space for yourself, your employees, your movers and your visitors, as well as antibacterial hand soaps in your bathrooms.

Wipe down all furniture, boxes and other belongings that have been touched by the movers, and others.  Wiping down boxes and other moving materials is likely not part of a typical move.  However, as the virus has been proven to live on surfaces for a significant amount of time, it is imperative to wipe down all surfaces that have been touched by others – and then wash your hands immediately.

Eagle Transfer is open, healthy, sanitized and ready to assist you with your New York City office relocation. Our professionals always take measures to ensure safety and health of themselves and our clients; we would be happy to explain the sanitary measures we are taking to amplify safety and health measures during this difficult time.

If you have an office move scheduled in the near future, contact Eagle Transfer today.  We are thrilled to help minimize your office move stress through a professional, efficient and safe move.