How an NYC Commercial Moving Company can Help Avoid or Alleviate “Bumps in the Road” toward Office Relocation

Any business that has ever relocated office space in New York City understands the associated stressors leading up to the day of the big move. Because of the amount of effort it takes to successfully accomplish an office move, it is suggested that planning begin months in advance to insure adequate preparation. This will reduce stress and ease the process.

However, despite the best attempts at organization and proper planning, not all complications can be avoided. Often overlooked or not thought about until disaster strikes are the common complications that occur during the move. These circumstances are often unexpected, sudden or unavoidable and have the tendency to add stress to an already tense situation.

The use of a commercial moving company in New York City is ideal; it will be the responsibility of the company and its team to handle any obstacles that arise in the path from new office to old. It is always important for a business owner and his or her team to understand the complications that may arise on moving day and how they can be handled, whether the business or a professional moving company is handling the move.

Preparation for all possible weather conditions. Mother Nature has a mind of her own and will do as she pleases regardless of whether a move is scheduled for that day.  And with deadlines and leases, it is usually difficult to reschedule a move leaving the weather situation unavoidable. Both winter and summer pose weather-related threats, albeit them very different, to even the most thought-out moving plan.

New York winters are known for extreme temperatures, sleet, rain and snow; these conditions are not ideal for an office relocation. While attention paid to the weather forecast is a smart thing to do, the weather can change and sometimes moves are booked well before a forecast is known. If moving in the winter, it is important to consider all winter weather possibilities and plan accordingly, including proper attire, equipment and tools. In extreme winter weather, it may be necessary for safety to reschedule the move.

Summer is also known for extreme temperatures and humidity; in these temperatures heat stroke, sun poisoning, dehydration and fatigue are definite possibilities. If an office move is planned for the summer, it is advisable to start very early in the morning to avoid the midday highs and to constantly take breaks and stay hydrated.

A reputable commercial moving company will have the resources needed to successfully accomplish an office relocation regardless of weather.

Skills and insurance to avoid and remedy accidents or injuries. Despite the best intentions and efforts, injuries during a move are common and can span from minor scratches and bruises to serious injuries or accidents. (This is especially true when you consider the typical traffic conditions in New York City!) For business owners, it is very important to realize the implications of an injury to an employee – including: sick days, workers’ compensation, decreased productivity and increased move time – and plan accordingly.

The best way to avoid an accident or injury and the ramifications is to hire a trusted commercial mover in New York City. First and foremost, these companies are professionals with the skills and tools necessary to implement the best safety precautions and avoid many injuries. Further, commercial moving companies in NYC are required to maintain liability insurance in the event of accidents and damage or loss of property.

The bottom line is that while, sometimes, accidents or injuries are unavoidable, a trusted commercial moving company is better equipped to both avoid or handle this type of occurrence.

Professional advice and assistance to guarantee organization upon arrival at the new office. Even a move from one space to another that happens seamlessly can cause immense stress if measures were not taken to prepare for adequate organization when the office’s contents arrive at the new place of business. This includes both lost documents that were not properly stored and boxes that were not labeled properly. It is important to take the steps necessary to guarantee that not only is everything packed timely, but that it is done well enough to avoid loss, confusion or stress upon arrival at the new office.

Choose Eagle Transfer for a seamless commercial move in New York City. The quality of the moving company can have a significant impact on the moving process. Thorough research should be performed before deciding on a reputable moving company to handle your office relocation.

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