Five Tips: Before Your Office Move

It’s probably been in the works for months… maybe even years. But finally, you’ve found a new commercial office space and it’s time to plan the move. As a business owner – or office manager – this can be overwhelming. Here are five tips from Eagle Transfer, Manhattan’s favorite commercial movers.

One: Create an inventory List
Do you really know what belongings are in your office right this very second?
Before the move, create a spreadsheet or a list of every item in your office. By providing a comprehensive list to the commercial moving company, you’ll get the most accurate price possible. Outline each area of your office space – break rooms, lobby, nursing mother’s room, offices, cubes, kitchenette, utility and storage areas, etc. If possible, take photos of each item using a high-quality phone or camera. Pay special attention to large items – or things that were custom-built for your office.

Two: De-clutter
Why pay to move items that won’t fit/work with your new space?
Do you have an IT closet full of old monitors? Do you have a supply closet filled with annual reports from 10 years ago? Do you have a shredder? Ask your staff to take time cleaning out their files and shred the documents you don’t need to transport. Get rid of large, bulky pieces of furniture that have seen better days instead of paying to move them or store them. One easy way – and a special gift of being in a city – is to put furniture out by the curb. But if your office is in a commercial district, your building management company may not allow this. Eagle Transfer can also help with junk removal and liquidation before moving day – ask us for a quote.

Three: Talk to Your Property Manager
Leave on good terms – your company’s reputation is at stake.
Your move may cause disruption throughout the entire building – both when you’re moving out and when you’re moving in. Eagle Transfer can work with the property manager at both sites to ensure that there are no surprises on moving day. Is there a freight elevator that we’ll need to commandeer? (Make sure your move day doesn’t coincide with another company’s move day!) If you’re in a walk-up, will increased traffic on the stairs be an issue? Do you need help directing traffic around the trucks? Be considerate of the other tenants and business owners. With a reputable moving company and a solid plan in place before the move, we’ll make sure that you make a good impression, coming and going.

Four: Moving Day
Plan a buffer day for your staff.
Let’s face it. The first day in a new office space can be exciting, unsettling and even intimidating for those who crave routine. Many businesses schedule their office move during evenings, weekends or off-hours so that day-to-day business isn’t disrupted. But let’s be honest, not much work is going to get done that morning. People are adjusting the height of their chairs. Getting to know where the mail room, conference rooms and water cooler are. So, make the most of it.

Have bagels brought in. Create a suggestion box for naming the conference rooms. Put on some music while people are unpacking and settling in. After all, this is your new space – a place where you’ll a spend significant part of your day. Isn’t that something to celebrate?

Five: Choose the Right Movers
Finding the right moving company goes beyond Googling “office movers in Manhattan”.
For X years, we’ve been moving companies within NYC and the Boroughs, even parts of New Jersey. Whether your company has 10 employees or 1,000 – Eagle Transfer can efficiently relocate your business. Our competent planning, packing and moving services will help you avoid downtime and get into your new space fast. We offer disassembly of furniture and cubicles, storage at climate-controlled facilities, and assembly at the new space. Eagle Transfer is licensed and bonded – including cargo coverage, automobile liability and worker’s compensation.