Eagle Transfer is continuing to make a name for itself when it comes to performing small- or large-scale corporate moves in New York City. Its ability to seamlessly get the job done is evident by the number of repeat clients it has, such as Scotiabank.

Eagle Transfer received a contract to handle Scotiabank’s New York expansion project at 250 Vesey Street in August of 2018. Although the agreement was intended to span four months, a several month extension was added since the business staffing in New York kept expanding because of compliance regulations. Those regulations meant that teams were required to have additional separate and secured suites.

This curveball meant that Eagle Transfer had to make on-the-fly adjustments, modifying the scope of the work while the project was already underway. While last-minute issues like that can sink some companies, Eagle Transfer is capable of expertly handling changes like this by careful collaboration and strategy. By working closely with Real Estate regarding the planning and targeting the implementation through teamwork with the local facilities and IT teams, Eagle Transfer was able to accommodate all the necessary changes.

The end result of the expansion and compliance-related renovation projects was fully re-stacked New York teams involving 250 Vesey and three other temporary sites. During 16 months, 1,050 Scotiabank staff members were moved through Eagle Transfer’s assistance. It was all accomplished with Eagle’s utmost professionalism and punctuality.

Scotiabank appreciated Eagle Transfer’s ability to roll with the changes and how reliable they were to lean on during this stressful move. Eagle Transfer’s success is directly attributable to the outstanding team it has compiled, including Evan Eisner, who was in charge of overseeing the Scotiabank contract. Eisner made sure the job was completed at a top-notch level while doing his best to minimize the impact of any potential additional charges related to the scope changes of the job.

Scotiabank was so satisfied with the work that they recently hired Eagle Transfer again to help with the decommissioning of its Jarislowsky Fraser office at 1 Rockefeller Plaza. This contract was for the relocation of that staff to the 250 Vesey address. In addition, Eagle Transfer was responsible for the shipment of critical IT and network equipment, which made it on time to the JF headquarters in Montreal — and without any hang-ups at the U.S. border. Over the span of three years, the Eagle Transfer team met and exceeded Scotiabank’s needs and expectations. They have provided a letter of recommendation to share their experience with any potential clients considering hiring Eagle Transfer for corporate relocation moves in New York City.