Eagle Transfer Friday Night Office Moves & Saturday Commercial Relocations (4/13-4/14)


While the weather went from summer to winter in about 12 hours this weekend, Eagle Transfer was completing commercial office moves around the city. Check out the details of our weekend below!

Friday Night Office Moves 4/13

Friday night we had 65 men and 7 trucks out completing office relocations with some of our largest accounts.

Building to Building Office Move

AIG Logistics- 75 Water Street to 80 Pine Street

Internal Commercial Moves

JP Morgan Chase- 4 NY Plaza

Estee Lauder- 767 5th Avenue

Federal Reserve Bank of New York- 44 Maiden Lane

MTV- 1515 Broadway

CitiBank- 388 Greenwich Street

Credit Suisse- 1 Madison Avenue & 11 Madison Avenue

Saturday Commercial Relocations 4/14

Saturday we had a smaller crew of 25 men and 3 trucks working internal commercial office relocations in NYC.

Internal Commercial Moves

Mount Sinai- 230 Second Avenue

Credit Suisse- 1 Madison Avenue & 11 Madison Avenue

AIG Logistics- 80 Pine Street

Federal Reserve Bank of New York- 44 Maiden Lane