Eagle Transfer Assists in New York City’s Coronavirus Response Efforts

It is no secret that throughout March and April, New York City became a shell of its former self
due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While the streets, restaurants, shops and subways were empty,
the hospitals became overcrowded and overburdened. Hospitals ran out of beds, and even out
of space to put new beds.

In late March, Governor Cuomo requested that all hospitals in the state double their total
number of beds to deal with the influx of patients due to coronavirus. With hospital admissions
soaring and space limited, Eagle Transfer, a commercial moving company in New York City,
stepped in to assist New York City’s hospitals with their limited bed space. These efforts came
as hospitals converted operating rooms into ICUs and constructed temporary field hospitals.
At Columbia University Irving Medical Center, operating rooms previously used for elective
surgeries, which were halted in response to the virus, were converted to intensive care units to
house coronavirus patients. This added an entire floor of twenty-six beds for intensive care

New York Presbyterian, partnering with Columbia University, transformed Columbia University’s
Rocco B. Commisso Soccer Stadium at Baker Field Athletic Complex into a temporary Covid-19
field hospital. This location, adjacent to New York Presbyterian added 288 beds for those that
tested positive for the virus. An additional eighty-five beds for coronavirus patients were added
at other New York Presbyterian sites.

Throughout the month of March, Eagle Transfer transported approximately seven hundred
additional beds to three hospitals in New York City: Mount Sinai, New York Presbyterian and
Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Through a furniture dealer, Eagle Transfer was able
to provide these hospitals with temporary beds, a much needed resource during this pandemic
as the city previously had less than three ICU beds per 10,000 residents.
Now, as the curve flattens and coronavirus hospital admissions decline in the city and
throughout New York State, the additional ICU beds are no longer needed at these three
hospitals. Eagle Transfer has begun to remove the beds from the hospitals and place them in

In addition to assisting hospitals to obtain much-needed beds to house coronavirus patients, Eagle
also partnered with EmblemHealth to complete a company re-stack at EmblemHealth’s
Corporate Headquarters at 55 Water Street. This workplace reorganization allowed
EmblemHealth employees to continue to service clients while remaining safe and following
social distancing guidelines. These efforts occurred at the end of March, into early April.
Although the threat of coronavirus has not been eliminated, New York City is slowly starting to
see improvements that will hopefully lead to a sense of normalcy in the near future. As the city
Eagle Transfer Assists In New York City’s