Credit Suisse Project Liberty Office Move!

credit suisseThis weekend, Eagle Transfer completed office moves for various companies across the city. One project we worked on was with one of our oldest and most familiar clients, Credit Suisse! Credit Suisse has been doing a lot of rearranging within their spaces in the Flatiron District, last week we worked on the 21st phase of these commercial relocations.

The move began on Wednesday and finished on Saturday. The bulk of the relocation was moving 800 file drawers. We began packing all of these drawers on Wednesday. Once packing was finished, we pre-moved file drawers and density areas on Thursday evening. The personnel move consisted of 420 users with miscellaneous equipment. Credit Suisse’s new office design includes a locker system for employees to keep store their belongings which allows employees to sit at a different desk daily! We moved employee’s belongings to their designated lockers on Friday night and Saturday! Additionally we moved 200 Aeron chairs  to support Phase 22 of this project which will occur this weekend!

We are looking forward to getting started on Phase 22!