Commercial Storage in NYC: We’ve Got You Covered

Commercial relocation involves a lot of moving parts. (No pun intended!) Sometimes a company may need to leave their current space before they can move into the new space. During that transition time, employees are encouraged to work from a temporary office – or to work from home. But what about all the office equipment? The printers, the cubicle walls… these need to be stored somewhere in the interim. Businesses also downsize, moving to a smaller office space that doesn’t have enough space for all their furniture and equipment. When situations like these occur, it’s a smart idea to work with a professional mover that offers safe commercial storage in NYC. Someone like Eagle Transfer.

Eagle Transfer offers tens of thousands of sq. ft. of state-of-the-art storage space for all of your long- and short-term office storage needs. We provide storage services to help businesses in the NYC area store documents, equipment, furniture and inventory. Our conveniently located storage facility is just minutes from Midtown and offers a climate-controlled environment that is highly secured to keep your company property well protected.

Commercial Storage Services in NYC
Before we pack, we listen. Our professional movers and project managers will assess your storage needs and ensure delicate or fragile items are carefully packed in boxes or crates to keep them secure. We can even build custom crates for technology items, laboratory items or precious artwork. And once they’re on site at our storage facility, they’re protected by 24/7 perimeter security as well as a best-in-class fire prevention system and fireproofing. We inspect all items upon delivery and consistently update our list as needed. Our advanced database allows you to track and store your items and inventory for quick, easy access should you need it. You can track your items right from your mobile phone or desktop, so you’ll know exactly where every item is so you can schedule deliveries or pickup for liquidation.

If needed, our professional office movers can also move your items from our storage facility to your new location when the time comes. We can help unpack and get your office ready to work in the very next day.

Eagle Transfer can safely store the following:
• Files, documents, records and paperwork
• Kitchen fittings such as microwaves and refrigerators
• Furniture
• Printers, scanners, fax machines and computers
• Laboratory machinery and other sensitive equipment
• Artwork and sculptures that require special handling

Reliable Storage Company in NYC

Eagle Transfer has been trusted by some of Manhattan’s largest corporations to provide office moving and storage services. For over 40 years, our professionals have been exceeding the expectations of businesses and corporations who need corporate relocation, moving and storage solutions. Reliably, safely and securely.

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