Commercial Storage Companies in NYC: What You Need to Know

Commercial Storage Solutions in NYC: How to Choose the Right Company

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient storage solutions play a crucial role in managing a company’s inventory, documents, and equipment. But how do you choose the right one? Reputable commercial storage facilities offer businesses a convenient and secure way to store their valuable assets. Short-term solutions are available for companies with gaps between leases, and long-term solutions are available for housing inventory off-site in a more cost- effective space. As a leader in commercial storage in the Manhattan area, Eagle Transfer is here to provide essential tips on choosing the right commercial storage provider for your business needs.

1. Assess Your Storage Requirements: Before beginning your search, take the time to evaluate your specific storage needs. Consider factors such as the type and volume of items you need to store, the required level of security, accessibility requirements, and any special handling or climate-controlled conditions.

2. Research and Compare Providers: Once you have a clear understanding of your storage requirements, conduct thorough research to identify potential commercial storage providers in your area. Consider factors such as location, facility size, security measures, reputation, and customer reviews. Compile a list of top contenders – you should have a minimum of three quotes before you make your decision. And make sure the quotes are “apples to apples.”

3. Visit the Facilities: Schedule visits to the shortlisted storage facilities to assess their space firsthand. Pay attention to factors such as cleanliness, organization, and maintenance. Evaluate the accessibility of the units and the availability of equipment like trolleys or forklifts if needed. Do you need computerized inventory management? Many facilities – like ours – allow you to see your inventory right from your computer.

4. Security Measures: The security of your stored goods is of utmost importance. Inquire about the security measures implemented by each storage provider. Look for features such as 24/7 surveillance cameras, fire systems, secure entry systems, on-site security personnel, and alarm systems. A respectable company should prioritize the protection of your assets.

5. Insurance and Liability Coverage: Accidents or unforeseen events can occur even in the most secure environments. Inquire about the insurance coverage options provided by the commercial storage company. Determine if they offer insurance for your stored items or if you need to arrange your own coverage.

6. Pricing and Contracts: Consider the pricing structure of each storage company and compare it to your budget. (Again, get a minimum of three quotes, and ensure each provider is quoting on the exact same thing.) Inquire about any additional fees or hidden costs that may arise. Be cautious of providers offering extremely low prices, as this could indicate compromised quality. Additionally, review the contract terms and conditions, including the length of the lease, notice period, and any penalties for early

7. Customer Service and Flexibility: If you’re in it for the long haul, the level of customer  service and flexibility offered by the storage company can greatly impact your overall relationship. Interact with the staff to gauge their professionalism and responsiveness to your questions (without being too pesky!) Inquire about their policies regarding access hours, retrieval of items, and potential expansion of storage space as your business grows.

8. Recommendations and References: Seek recommendations from trusted colleagues, business associates, or industry forums. Personal experiences and feedback can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. Always ask the storage provider for references from existing customers to gain a better understanding of their reliability and customer satisfaction levels.

Choosing the right commercial storage solution can significantly impact your business operations. By following these eight steps, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your business needs. Since 1974, Eagle Transfer has been leader in commercial storage, relocation, FF&E, decommissioning and office liquidation in New York City. Call for a free quote today.