Before and After Commercial Office Move Photos

Renfro Hot Sox

Last Friday night we completed a commercial office move for Renfro Hot Sox into their new office space in Midtown Manhattan. A large part of the contents that needed to move was comprised of shelving as well as marketing material. The other large portion that needed to be moved and built were work stations/cubes. Below are photos of each step of the move after the arrival of shelving and socks at the new office location as well as before and after photos of the work stations.

Shelving Arrives to New Office

In the original space Hot Sox occupied an Eagle Transfer Carpenter disassembled all of the shelving units and Eagle Transfer movers packed the shelves in corrugated bins. Below are photos of the bins upon their arrival to the new space.

hot sox binsshelving in bins 2

Build Shelving Units

After movers unpacked the shelving units, Eagle Transfer carpenters re-assembled the shelves. Movers placed the shelves in rows and stocked the shelving units in the exact way they were stocked in the old space.

Shelving built

Completed Office Move

When the office relocation was completed, the shelving units were rebuilt and stocked in the same exact order as they were in the old office space.

shelving built and stocked 1

Work Station Before

Eagle Transfer carpenters built out work stations around the entire office for Hot Sox. The photo below shows what the space looked like before we started working.


Work Station After

The photo below shows the completed project!