15 Partners & 25 Associated Packed and Unpacked: How We Did It

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Friday Night was an extremely busy night for Eagle Transfer. Over 120 Eagle Movers overs could be found across New York City completing relocations for law firms, banks, advertising agencies, hospitals and large media organizations! The move we would like to highlight today is a move we completed on Friday night for Holwell, Shuster & Goldberg LLP. Holwell Shuster & Goldberg is a litigation boutique specializing in commercial cases, specifically financial, securities, antitrust, intellectual property, and bankruptcy-related disputes. HSG was founded in 2012 and has rapidly expanded, causing the need for an office move! On Friday night we moved over 80 employees for the firm including 15 partners and 25 associates whose offices were packed and unpacked.


Although the main move took place on Friday night, preparation for this relocation started on Thursday, June 14th. Between June 14th and June 20th an Eagle Transfer project manager and Eagle Transfer movers completed three necessary preparation steps to ensure the main move went off without a hitch:

  1. The Project Manager marked and distributed labels
  2. The Project Manager conducted appointments with the 15 partner offices that Eagle packed, unpacked and tagged
  3. Hung placards and labeled at 424 Lexington Avenue (HSG’s new office) to assure all items are properly placed and unpacked


On Thursday, June 21st, the heavy lifting began. From 8:30AM until 4:30PM movers packed all common areas, packed all available partner offices, disassembled furniture and prepped for the pre-move. Beginning Thursday night, there was an Eagle Transfer crew at the sending location (750 7th Avenue) and at the receiving location (424 Lexington Avenue) to conduct the pre-move. The pre-move wrapped up at 11PM.

Main Move

From 8:30AM to 4:30PM on  Friday, June 22nd Eagle Transfer movers were at both the sending and receiving location. At 750 7th Avenue, movers prepared for the main move and finished packing the remaining partner offices. At 424 Lexington Avenue movers unpacked all common areas, unpacked partner offices and reassembled furniture. At 5:30PM the main move began, where we completed the relocation of about 80 Holwell, Shuster & Goldberg. The main move went exactly as planned!

Post Move

On Saturday a smaller crew of Eagle Transfer movers went to 424 Lexington Avenue to finish placing items. Today, Monday June 25th an Eagle crew will be completing post move for Holwell, Shuster & Goldberg until 11PM! We loved servicing HSG and cannot wait to partner with the firm again!

Below please find some photos of the offices we packed, disassembled and reassembled!

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