Tuesday Tips: Moving, Storing and Protecting Important Files and Documents

  Office moving in New York City requires a lot of planning, coordination and teamwork. One important component of office moving that can’t be overlooked is the relocation, storage and protection of key files and documents when moving. Keeping your important documents safe, secure and ordered is critical for record keeping and ensuring that your […]

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Why Midtown Manhattan is Right for Your Business

midtown manhattan

From Hudson Yards to the World Trade Center, Downtown Brooklyn to SoHo, there’s a seemingly endless array of neighborhoods to relocate a business in New York City. Only one, the largest central business district in the United States, offers a central location with global prestige: Midtown Manhattan. Although some businesses have increasingly looked elsewhere when […]

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Technology Relocation: Why Eagle Transfer is the Company You Can Trust

technology relocation

Every business needs to be connected digitally nowadays. From high-speed Internet to video conference calls, it’s no secret that technology plays a critical role in doing business in this day and age. When it comes to commercial moving in New York City, special care is needed when handling technology during an office relocation. You need […]

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