A Closer Look at Eagle Transfer’s Diverse Array of Services

office moving nyc

For more than 40 years now, Eagle Transfer has been New York City’s commercial moving experts of choice. We’ve moved millions of square feet all across the New York metropolitan area, helping everyone from Fortune 500 companies to colleges to hospitals relocate seamlessly and efficiently. In addition to our premier commercial moving services, we also […]

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Office Moving Project Management: Why Eagle Transfer Soars Above the Competition

office moving project management

New York City office moving requires a distinct mix of experience, professionalism and integrity that only Eagle Transfer can offer. Since 1974, we’ve been New York City’s office movers of choice and have relocated everything from Fortune 500 companies to retail outlets to NGOs and nonprofit organizations. At the crux of it all is sound, […]

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6 Tips for Building a Better Office Floorplan

office floorplan

Office floorplans can sometimes make or break a new office location. For companies looking into commercial moving in New York City, the office moving process can be seen as a great opportunity to optimize your new office floorplan. The benefits of crafting a new floorplan can be numerous, such as boosting efficiency, promoting inter-departmental cooperation […]

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