Midtown Manhattan vs. Lower Manhattan: Which is Best for Your Company?

new york city skyline

Coke vs. Pepsi. McDonald’s vs. Burger King. East Coast vs. West Coast. The world is filled with choices. For many companies looking to relocate to or within New York City, the classic question of whether they should move to Midtown or Downtown often comes into play. Both business districts, the largest in the city and […]

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City Unveils Midtown East Rezoning

midtown manhattan skyline

The Midtown skyline will be getting quite a boost in the near future. On Monday, the city unveiled a long-awaited revised plan for the Midtown East rezoning. The new proposal will allow developers to build much taller, more modern towers in the heart of the city’s central business district near Grand Central Terminal, specifically from […]

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Neighborhood Profile: Flatiron District

Flatiron District

Named after the iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan, the Flatiron District has become a hot commodity for New York City’s TAMI tenants in recent years. Situated in the heart of “Silicon Alley,” the Flatiron District has certainly benefitted from the explosion of the city’s tech, new media and creative services sectors in recent years. Now […]

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Neighborhood Profile: Midtown Manhattan

Ah, Midtown Manhattan. With its concrete canyons, packed sidewalks and iconic landmarks like Times Square and the Empire State Building, its often the first thing people think of they hear the words “New York City.” For businesses, Midtown Manhattan is often seen as “the place to be.” Indeed, the neighborhood offers plenty of perks like […]

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Development Showdown: Hudson Yards vs. World Trade Center

Just a casual glimpse of the New York City skyline reveals that the city is in the midst of a huge building boom. From the billionaire bunkers of 57th Street to Downtown Brooklyn, there’s no question that the city is witnessing a surge in construction. For businesses of all sizes looking to relocate, this offers […]

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