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Mount Sinai Health Systems

Recently, Mount Sinai Health Systems and Continuum Health, two of the largest healthcare organizations in New York City, merged their offices. It was a major undertaking, as 2,200 people were moved out of 25 locations and consolidated into a single, unified location at 150 East 42nd Street in Manhattan. Here’s the details of how Eagle Transfer managed this massive project successfully.

  • The project consisted of seven stages. Up to 15 trucks and 70 men were deployed on each phase of the move.
  • Each phase involved the packing and unpacking of files. With the merger, all tagging and allocation of files to their new location were managed and planned by Eagle Transfer’s project managers.
  • All computers and IT equipment were moved with zero downtime to the business.
  • All moving was performed on weekends to avoid disruption to office and staff.

“Under the direction of Hoffman Associates, your staff exhibited a great work ethic,
attention to detail and direction and above all, patience and a spirit of cooperation.
Thank you for your hard work.”
-Loida Ramos, Vice President