Why SoHo is Right for Your Business


While Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Manhattan are unquestionably the two largest and most influential central business districts in New York City, they’re not necessarily attractive for every type of business out there. Indeed, many startups, creative services firms and tech companies are looking for somewhere that’s trendier and edgier, more conducive to their ethos. One […]

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The Hidden History of the American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

One of the world’s greatest repositories for human knowledge regarding the natural sciences, the venerable American Museum of Natural History has been one of New York City’s premier cultural institutions since 1869. Since its establishment almost 150 years ago, the museum has come a long way towards advancing knowledge about natural history and science in […]

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The Hidden History of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

metropolitan museum of art

One of the largest and most respected cultural repositories in the world, the celebrated Metropolitan Museum of Art has been New York City’s premier center for art and culture for well over a century now. The largest and most visited art museum in the Western Hemisphere, the museum contains more than two million artworks and […]

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Midtown or Downtown: Which to Choose?

midtown manhattan

For decades, both Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Manhattan have been the leading business districts in New York City. Over the years, each has transformed significantly. Downtown Manhattan has shed its reputation as a 9 to 5 financial district and now boasts a vibrant residential population alongside fast-growing tech, media and creative services sectors. Midtown Manhattan, […]

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Why Your Business Should Relocate to: The Garment District

  Sandwiched in western Midtown Manhattan, the Garment District is a sometimes overlooked but critical neighborhood in New York City. A longtime center for fashion-related industries much as its name suggests, the Garment District has long been a key staple in the city’s economy. But is it the right location for your company? Home to […]

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